3 Crucial Elements You Have to Consider In Setting Up A Rolex Automatic Watch Winder

Putting a Rolex watch in a winder is good to keep its performance. One thing you have to know is how to set a Rolex automatic watch winder. The way you set the winder determines the performance of your Rolex watches.

The Save Turns Per Day 

You need to know the right turn per day while setting up a watch winder for Rolex watches. A Rolex watch often needs 650 TPD or Turns Per Day. The standard TPD is around 750 TPD. Most watch winders use this standard TPD for most modern watches. The idea of setting up the right TPD is to ensure that the Rolex watch remains 100% wound for a day. It doesn’t matter if you manually wind the watch first before putting a Rolex watch into the winder. 

The Winder Direction 

TPD is not the only thing you have to consider while setting a Rolex automatic watch winder but also its direction. You have to know whether the winder has to be clockwise or counterclockwise. The good thing is that most Rolex watches, including Submariner Date, Sea-Dweller, Deepsea, and Daytona are bi-directional. It means it is okay whether you put the watches in a clockwise or counterclockwise winder. Ensure that you follow the number of Turns per Day and winding direction from the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Manually Wind Your Rolex 

You can manually set the watch winder before putting your Rolex watches on. All you have to do is carefully unscrew the crown. Don’t pull the crown. You only need to turn the crown clockwise to wind the watch. That’s it! You are ready to wind your Rolex watches.    

So, make sure that you have set up the Rolex automatic watch winder based on the specification before using it. After that, you can let your favorite Rolex watch wound to keep its performance.

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