Luxury Watch Winder Safe – Everything You Need to Know

Either you are just a wearer or collector, investing in a luxury watch winder safe is a great option. Though some people might think the tool isn’t necessary, still it is highly functional. But if you are still not sure about having the watch winder, here is all you need to know about the device.

Watch Winder: Overview

Generally speaking, a luxury watch winder safe is a device specially designed to keep an automatic watch running when you are not using it. A watch wander comes with a wide range of styles and sizes. Some of the devices look like ordinary safety boxes while other look like tiny jewelry boxes. 

How Does the Device Work?

You need to keep in mind that an automatic watch winds itself automatically through the device’s moving weight. It will rotate in accordance with the person’s wrist movements when wearing the watch. The work of the winder watch is based on the fact that an automatic watch is not wound if it is not worn. 

So, when you have no plan to wear your luxury watch that day, you can place it in the luxury watch winder box carefully. Make sure that you adjust the winder’s control properly after that. This will allow you to secure the device. Most of the time, the control adjustments of the winder include length of operation, turns per day (TPD), rotation directions, and more. 

Once you have done with the adjustments, you need to switch on the winder. Most of the luxury watch winder safe products available in the market are operated by batteries or AC power. Depending on the power source used, you might need to press a button or plug in the device to switch it on. 

Once you have switched on the watch winder, it will start mimicking the human wrist’s movements before pausing. Depending on the specific TPD you set, the length of the pauses can vary. However, it usually takes 30 seconds to 1 minute on average for the watch winder before pausing.

Is It Safe?

It is generally safe to use a winder to keep your luxury watch for days, even weeks at a time. However, it will highly depend on the capabilities of the device. A good luxury watch winder safe usually comes with automatic movements that have a slip-cutch mechanism that is aimed to avoid overwinding. It will be  very helpful if you don’t put too much burden on the mechanism.

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